Investigation of thrown out Aurelia  aurita.

Glagolev  S.M., Chava  V., Jufryakov  I.

Glagolev  S.M., Chava  V., Jufrjakov  I. Investigation of thrown out Aurelia  aurita // The materials of the White Sea Expedition of Moscow South-West High School. Vol. 2 [Electronic resourse]. 2002. Mode of access:

[Russian text]

On August 4, near cape Kartesh, in a sand bay (square approximately 600 sq. m) about 18.00 the mass thrown out of jelly-fishes (Aurelia  aurita) was noticed. The wind this day was northern, 3-4 balls, cloud cover 75 %, maximum of an inflow at 20.40, 0,8 m. This phenomenon was described.

For each jelly-fish we marked:
· diameter of a "umbrella"
· quantity of parasitic cansers from Hyperiidae family
· a position (i.e. whether jelly-fish was laid by stomatic blades hill up or down)
· the anomalies in a constitution (for example, some jelly-fishes had 3, 5 or 6 instead of four pouchs)

That day 130 jelly-fishes were investigated . It is necessary to mark, that in the next bay located in 50 meters from that one, a similar phenomenon per that day was not noticed.

The next day about 11 a.m. in the same bay the similar phenomenon was noticed. This time we marked only the anomalies. In total this day on the same square were marked 458 jelly-fishes, from which 2- with 3, 3 - with 5 and 2- with 6 pouchs of an intestine. The same phenomenon was marked this day and in the other bays, but in the other size.

Further the statistical handling with the purpose will carried out:
1. Detection of possible correlations
2. Detection of frequency of described anomalies in a constitution

This activity is as a base for the further investigations, which purposes can be:
1. More in-depth study of the cause of similar phenomenon.
2. Comparison of quantity parasitic cancers from Hyperiidae family at thrown out jelly-fishes and jelly-fishes, located in water

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