Journal of General Biology

Volume 59 (1998) Volume 60

Number 4 Number 5 Number 6

  • Pavlov V.N., Onipchenko V.G., Aksenova A.A., Volkova E.V., Zueva O.I., Makarov M.I. The role of competition in alpine plant communities (the Northwestern Causacus ): an experimental approach

  • Rogovin K.A. Temporal and spatial variation in structure of small mammal communities: Rodents of Trans-Alttai Gobi of Mongolia

  • Alekseev V.V., Rustamov N.A., Nefedova E.I. The model of seasonal dynamic of plankton community biomass in the ocean

  • Nepomnyashchikh V.A. The fractal pattern of behaviour in golgfish, Carassius auratus L. (Cyprinidae: Pisces)

  • Roshchina V.V., Mel'nikova E.V., Mit'kovskaya L.I., Karnaukhov V.A. Microspectrofluorimetry for the study of intact plant secreting cells

  • Scientific discussion

  • Rabotnov T.A. On the trophotypes of vascular plants

  • Review

  • Mirkin B.M. On book of V.G.Mordkovich, A.M.Gylyarov, A.A.Tishkov, S.A.Balandin "Destinity of steppes"