Journal of General Biology

Volume 60 Volume 61 (2000) 

Number 3 Number 4 Number 5

  • Markov A.V. The return of the Black Queen, or the law of increase of mean duration of genera in the course of evolution

  • Grodnitsky D.L. Weismannian concept of germ plasm _ the main reason of inadequacy of neo-darwinism

  • Mezheris M.E., Zakharov I.A. Does thermal melanism maintain melanic polymorphism in the 2 spot ladybird Adalia bipunctata (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae)?

  • Mednikov B.M., Shubina E.A., Melnikova M.N. Whitefish: a new mechanism of reproductive isolation

  • Bulianitsa A.L., Bogomolova E.V., Bystrova E.Yu., Kurochkin V.E., Panina L.K. The model of formation of the spatial-temporal periodic patterns in mycellial fungi colonies

  • Kovalenko E.E., Kruzhkova Yu.I. Mass anomalies of extremities in Anura

  • Morozova G.Yu. The morphometric approach to viability analysis of clonal plants using Calamagrostis langsdorffii as example

  • Frolkis V.V., Paramonova G.I., Limareva A.A. Changes of rats lifespan under influence of enzyme imprinting by fenobarbital

  • Scientific discussions

  • Mirkin B.M., Naumova L.G. On theoretical heritage of S.M.Razumovsky

  • Review

  • Mirkin B.M., Naumova L.G. On the book of L.A.Fedorov, A.V.Yablokov "Pesticides _ a toxic blow on biosphere and human being"