If two different species, genera or other taxons have the same name, this name is a homonym. Homonyms are illegal if they belong to the same code of nomenclature. If same name belongs to different codes, it is a hemihomonym (Starobogatov, 1991). Despite of their validity, hemihomonyms are misleading and even dangerous.
If there is a possibility that name is a hemihomonym, use postfix (b), (c) or (z) for names covered by Botanical, Bacteriological, or Zoological codes of nomenclature, respectively. To check if name is a hemihomonym, please use table below or
with this search API prototype.

hemi homonyms

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Botanical Zoological Bacterial
Abas (b)
Abas (z)
Aberia (b)
Aberia (z)
Abietinella (b)
Abietinella (z)
Abronia (b)
Abronia (z)
Acantharia (b)
Acantharia (z)
Acanthocarpus (b)
Acanthocarpus (z)
Acanthocephalus (b)
Acanthocephalus (z)
Acanthoceras (b)
Acanthoceras (z)
Acanthopale (b)
Acanthopale (z)
Acharia (b)
Acharia (z)
Achlaena (b)
Achlaena (z)
Achlya (b)
Achlya (z)
Acineta (b)
Acineta (z)
Acis (b)
Acis (z)
Acrasia (b)
Acrasia (z)
Acrocephalus (b)
Acrocephalus (z)
Acrophyllum (b)
Acrophyllum (z)
Acrotylus (b)
Acrotylus (z)
Actaea (b)
Actaea (z)
Actidium (b)
Actidium (z)
Actinodendron (b)
Actinodendron (z)
Actinopeltis (b)
Actinopeltis (z)
Adamsia (b)
Adamsia (z)
Adenophora (b)
Adenophora (z)
Adesmia (b)
Adesmia (z)
Aegle (b)
Aegle (z)
Afzelia (b)
Afzelia (z)
Agarista (b)
Agarista (z)
Agathis (b)
Agathis (z)
Agnesia (b)
Agnesia (z)
Agonis (b)
Agonis (z)
Alania (b)
Alania (z)
Alaria (b)
Alaria (z)
Albertinia (b)
Albertinia (z)
Alectoria (b)
Alectoria (z)
Alibertia (b)
Alibertia (z)
Alicia (b)
Alicia (z)
Alina (b)
Alina (z)
Allotropa (b)
Allotropa (z)
Alophia (b)
Alophia (z)
Alsophila (b)
Alsophila (z)
Amana (b)
Amana (z)
Amaryllis (b)
Amaryllis (z)
Ammophila (b)
Ammophila (z)
Amorpha (b)
Amorpha (z)
Amphianthus (b)
Amphianthus (z)
Amphibolia (b)
Amphibolia (z)
Amphinema (b)
Amphinema (z)
Amphorula (b)
Amphorula (z)
Anabasis (b)
Anabasis (z)
Ancistrodes (b)
Ancistrodes (z)
Ancistrophora (b)
Ancistrophora (z)
Ancylistes (b)
Ancylistes (z)
Andersonia (b)
Andersonia (z)
Andrea (b)
Andrea (z)
Andresia (b)
Andresia (z)
Andrewsiella (b)
Andrewsiella (z)
Aneura (b)
Aneura (z)
Angelina (b)
Angelina (z)
Anisochaeta (b)
Anisochaeta (z)
Anisocycla (b)
Anisocycla (z)
Anisoptera (b)
Anisoptera (z)
Anisopus (b)
Anisopus (z)
Anisothrix (b)
Anisothrix (z)
Annona (b)
Annona (z)
Anomalesia (b)
Anomalesia (z)
Anomodon (b)
Anomodon (z)
Anthelia (b)
Anthelia (z)
Anthodon (b)
Anthodon (z)
Anticlea (b)
Anticlea (z)
Antillia (b)
Antillia (z)
Antonina (b)
Antonina (z)
Anura (b)
Anura (z)
Aotus (b)
Aotus (z)
Aphelia (b)
Aphelia (z)
Aphrodite (z)
Aphrodite (c)
Apluda (b)
Apluda (z)
Apodasmia (b)
Apodasmia (z)
Apona (b)
Apona (z)
Apostates (b)
Apostates (z)
Appendicularia (b)
Appendicularia (z)
Arachnis (b)
Arachnis (z)
Archboldia (b)
Archboldia (z)
Archeria (b)
Archeria (z)
Arctophila (b)
Arctophila (z)
Arenaria (b)
Arenaria (z)
Argania (b)
Argania (z)
Argentina (b)
Argentina (z)
Aria (b)
Aria (z)
Ariadne (b)
Ariadne (z)
Ariopsis (b)
Ariopsis (z)
Aristotelia (b)
Aristotelia (z)
Articulata (b)
Articulata (z)
Ascoidea (b)
Ascoidea (z)
Ashtonia (b)
Ashtonia (z)
Asterina (b)
Asterina (z)
Asterococcus (b)
Asterococcus (z)
Asterodon (b)
Asterodon (z)
Astraea (b)
Astraea (z)
Ateleia (b)
Ateleia (z)
Athysanus (b)
Athysanus (z)
Atractomorpha (b)
Atractomorpha (z)
Augusta (b)
Augusta (z)
Auricularia (b)
Auricularia (z)
Auriculina (b)
Auriculina (z)
Autonoe (b)
Autonoe (z)
Azilia (b)
Azilia (z)
Bacillus (z)
Bacillus (c)
Bacteridium (z)
Bacteridium (c)
Baileya (b)
Baileya (z)
Balliella (b)
Balliella (z)
Baloghia (b)
Baloghia (z)
Banksia (b)
Banksia (z)
Barnardia (b)
Barnardia (z)
Baronia (b)
Baronia (z)
Bartramia (b)
Bartramia (z)
Bartschella (b)
Bartschella (z)
Bassia (b)
Bassia (z)
Batesia (b)
Batesia (z)
Batis (b)
Batis (z)
Beaufortia (b)
Beaufortia (z)
Becquerelia (b)
Becquerelia (z)
Bedfordia (b)
Bedfordia (z)
Bellardia (b)
Bellardia (z)
Belonidium (b)
Belonidium (z)
Benoistia (b)
Benoistia (z)
Berkeleya (b)
Berkeleya (z)
Berlesiella (b)
Berlesiella (z)
Bertiella (b)
Bertiella (z)
Betula (b)
Betula (z)
Beyeria (b)
Beyeria (z)
Bimuria (b)
Bimuria (z)
Binghamia (b)
Binghamia (z)
Bissetia (b)
Bissetia (z)
Blachia (b)
Blachia (z)
Blancoa (b)
Blancoa (z)
Bodo (b)
Bodo (z)
Bogoriella (b)

Bogoriella (c)
Boholia (b)
Boholia (z)
Bonamia (b)
Bonamia (z)
Bonatea (b)
Bonatea (z)
Bonia (b)
Bonia (z)
Bonnetia (b)
Bonnetia (z)
Bonnierella (b)
Bonnierella (z)
Bostrychia (b)
Bostrychia (z)
Brachynema (b)
Brachynema (z)
Brachypeza (b)
Brachypeza (z)
Bremia (b)
Bremia (z)
Breynia (b)
Breynia (z)
Briania (b)
Briania (z)
Brooksia (b)
Brooksia (z)
Broughtonia (b)
Broughtonia (z)
Bruchia (b)
Bruchia (z)
Brunia (b)
Brunia (z)
Bryantella (z)
Bryantella (c)
Buchanania (b)
Buchanania (z)
Buchholzia (b)
Buchholzia (z)
Buchnera (b)

Buchnera (c)
Burchellia (b)
Burchellia (z)
Burenia (b)
Burenia (z)
Burmannia (b)
Burmannia (z)
Bursaria (b)
Bursaria (z)
Burttia (b)
Burttia (z)
Butleria (b)
Butleria (z)
Byblis (b)
Byblis (z)
Caccobius (b)
Caccobius (z)
Calamus (b)
Calamus (z)
Calantica (b)
Calantica (z)
Calappa (b)
Calappa (z)
Callicarpa (b)
Callicarpa (z)
Calliderma (b)
Calliderma (z)
Callilepis (b)
Callilepis (z)
Calopteryx (b)
Calopteryx (z)
Calospatha (b)
Calospatha (z)
Calotheca (b)
Calotheca (z)
Calycella (b)
Calycella (z)
Calyptopogon (b)
Calyptopogon (z)
Calyptra (b)
Calyptra (z)
Cameraria (b)
Cameraria (z)
Camoensia (b)
Camoensia (z)
Campanella (b)
Campanella (z)
Camptoloma (b)
Camptoloma (z)
Campylotropis (b)
Campylotropis (z)
Canarium (b)
Canarium (z)
Candelabrum (b)
Candelabrum (z)
Canephora (b)
Canephora (z)
Cantharellus (b)
Cantharellus (z)
Caobangia (b)
Caobangia (z)
Capsella (b)
Capsella (z)
Carnegia (b)
Carnegia (z)
Carpenteria (b)
Carpenteria (z)
Catena (b)
Catena (z)
Catenococcus (b)
Catenococcus (z)
Catenococcus (c)
Catenula (b)
Catenula (z)
Cathedra (b)
Cathedra (z)
Catinella (b)
Catinella (z)
Cavernularia (b)
Cavernularia (z)
Cavia (b)
Cavia (z)
Celerina (b)
Celerina (z)
Centipeda (b)

Centipeda (c)
Centropogon (b)
Centropogon (z)
Cerapoda (b)
Cerapoda (z)
Cerataulina (b)
Cerataulina (z)
Ceratocephala (b)
Ceratocephala (z)
Ceratocolax (b)
Ceratocolax (z)
Ceratostigma (b)
Ceratostigma (z)
Ceratostoma (b)
Ceratostoma (z)
Cercophora (b)
Cercophora (z)
Cereus (b)
Cereus (z)
Cerion (b)
Cerion (z)
Chaetacanthus (b)
Chaetacanthus (z)
Chaetoceras (b)
Chaetoceras (z)
Chaetoderma (b)
Chaetoderma (z)
Chaetonema (b)
Chaetonema (z)
Chaetophora (b)
Chaetophora (z)
Chaetopsis (b)
Chaetopsis (z)
Chaos (b)
Chaos (z)
Chara (b)
Chara (z)
Charybdis (b)
Charybdis (z)
Chavinia (b)
Chavinia (z)
Chelidonium (b)
Chelidonium (z)
Chemnitzia (b)
Chemnitzia (z)
Chenia (b)
Chenia (z)
Chevalierella (b)
Chevalierella (z)
Chione (b)
Chione (z)
Chlanidophora (b)
Chlanidophora (z)
Chloracantha (b)
Chloracantha (z)
Chloris (b)
Chloris (z)
Chondracanthus (b)
Chondracanthus (z)
Chondrilla (b)
Chondrilla (z)
Chosenia (b)
Chosenia (z)
Chrysolepis (b)
Chrysolepis (z)
Chrysonema (b)
Chrysonema (z)
Chrysopogon (b)
Chrysopogon (z)
Cidaris (b)
Cidaris (z)
Cinclidium (b)
Cinclidium (z)
Cladonema (b)
Cladonema (z)
Clappia (b)
Clappia (z)
Clathrella (b)
Clathrella (z)
Clathrus (b)
Clathrus (z)
Clausia (b)
Clausia (z)
Clavulina (b)
Clavulina (z)
Clermontia (b)
Clermontia (z)
Clevelandia (b)
Clevelandia (z)
Climacoptera (b)
Climacoptera (z)
Clivia (b)
Clivia (z)
Clusia (b)
Clusia (z)
Clypeola (b)
Clypeola (z)
Clypeolum (b)
Clypeolum (z)
Cnestrum (b)
Cnestrum (z)
Coccoidea (b)
Coccoidea (z)
Codon (b)
Codon (z)
Codonorchis (b)
Codonorchis (z)
Coemansia (b)
Coemansia (z)
Coenonia (b)

Coenonia (c)
Cola (b)
Cola (z)
Colax (b)
Colax (z)
Collaria (b)
Collaria (z)
Collinsia (b)
Collinsia (z)
Colocasia (b)
Colocasia (z)
Coloradoa (b)
Coloradoa (z)
Cometes (b)
Cometes (z)
Comperia (b)
Comperia (z)
Compsoneura (b)
Compsoneura (z)
Coniophora (b)
Coniophora (z)
Conostoma (b)
Conostoma (z)
Constricta (b)
Constricta (z)
Contarinia (b)
Contarinia (z)
Cookella (b)
Cookella (z)
Cora (b)
Cora (z)
Cordia (b)
Cordia (z)
Cordyla (b)
Cordyla (z)
Coris (b)
Coris (z)
Coronilla (b)
Coronilla (z)
Corticium (b)
Corticium (z)
Corynaea (b)
Corynaea (z)
Coryne (b)
Coryne (z)
Corynephorus (b)
Corynephorus (z)
Corythophora (b)
Corythophora (z)
Cota (b)
Cota (z)
Cowania (b)
Cowania (z)
Crambe (b)
Crambe (z)
Craspedodiscus (b)
Craspedodiscus (z)
Crassula (b)
Crassula (z)
Cremnophila (b)
Cremnophila (z)
Crepidotus (b)
Crepidotus (z)
Cressa (b)
Cressa (z)
Cristaria (b)
Cristaria (z)
Crocidium (b)
Crocidium (z)
Crosslandia (b)
Crosslandia (z)
Crossosoma (b)
Crossosoma (z)
Crucianella (b)
Crucianella (z)
Crucibulum (b)
Crucibulum (z)
Cryphaea (b)
Cryphaea (z)
Cryptochloris (b)
Cryptochloris (z)
Cryptococcus (b)
Cryptococcus (z)
Cryptolechia (b)
Cryptolechia (z)
Cryptolepis (b)
Cryptolepis (z)
Cryptomeria (b)
Cryptomeria (z)
Cryptoporus (b)
Cryptoporus (z)
Cryptothele (b)
Cryptothele (z)
Ctenophora (b)
Ctenophora (z)
Ctenopsis (b)
Ctenopsis (z)
Cucumella (b)
Cucumella (z)
Culcita (b)
Culcita (z)
Cyanea (b)
Cyanea (z)
Cyanopsis (b)
Cyanopsis (z)
Cybebus (b)
Cybebus (z)
Cyclogramma (b)
Cyclogramma (z)
Cyclophora (b)
Cyclophora (z)
Cyclorhiza (b)
Cyclorhiza (z)
Cycnia (b)
Cycnia (z)
Cymbidium (b)
Cymbidium (z)
Cynodon (b)
Cynodon (z)
Cyrtophora (b)
Cyrtophora (z)
Cyrtopsis (b)
Cyrtopsis (z)
Cyrtosia (b)
Cyrtosia (z)
Cystophora (b)
Cystophora (z)
Dacrydium (b)
Dacrydium (z)
Dactylanthus (b)
Dactylanthus (z)
Dahlia (b)
Dahlia (z)
Daltonia (b)
Daltonia (z)
Danae (b)
Danae (z)
Darbya (b)
Darbya (z)
Darlingtonia (b)
Darlingtonia (z)
Dasypogon (b)
Dasypogon (z)
Davidsonia (b)
Davidsonia (z)
Dawsonia (b)
Dawsonia (z)
Deccania (b)
Deccania (z)
Deckenia (b)
Deckenia (z)
Decodon (b)
Decodon (z)
Deidamia (b)
Deidamia (z)
Dendropemon (b)
Dendropemon (z)
Desmanthus (b)
Desmanthus (z)
Desmococcus (b)
Desmococcus (z)
Desmonema (z)
Desmonema (c)
Devillea (b)
Devillea (z)
Diabole (b)
Diabole (z)
Diadema (b)
Diadema (z)
Dianema (b)
Dianema (z)
Diascia (b)
Diascia (z)
Diastella (b)
Diastella (z)
Diastema (b)
Diastema (z)
Diblemma (b)
Diblemma (z)
Diceratops (b)
Diceratops (z)
Dichaetophora (b)
Dichaetophora (z)
Dicranella (b)
Dicranella (z)
Dicranophora (b)
Dicranophora (z)
Dictyonella (b)
Dictyonella (z)
Dictyonia (b)
Dictyonia (z)
Didymocystis (b)
Didymocystis (z)
Dietzia (z)
Dietzia (c)
Digitaria (b)
Digitaria (z)
Dilophus (b)
Dilophus (z)
Dinema (b)
Dinema (z)
Dinetus (b)
Dinetus (z)
Dionaea (b)
Dionaea (z)
Dioxys (b)
Dioxys (z)
Diphyes (b)
Diphyes (z)
Diplolepis (b)
Diplolepis (z)
Diplosoma (b)
Diplosoma (z)
Diplotaxis (b)
Diplotaxis (z)
Diplotropis (b)
Diplotropis (z)
Diplura (b)
Diplura (z)
Dipogon (b)
Dipogon (z)
Dirina (b)
Dirina (z)
Discina (b)
Discina (z)
Discophora (b)
Discophora (z)
Discus (b)
Discus (z)
Dispira (b)
Dispira (z)
Ditaxis (b)
Ditaxis (z)
Diuris (b)
Diuris (z)
Donax (b)
Donax (z)
Dorcadion (b)
Dorcadion (z)
Doryphora (b)
Doryphora (z)
Dracaena (b)
Dracaena (z)
Dracunculus (b)
Dracunculus (z)
Drapetes (b)
Drapetes (z)
Drimys (b)
Drimys (z)
Drosophila (b)
Drosophila (z)
Drummondia (b)
Drummondia (z)
Dryas (b)
Dryas (z)
Drymonia (b)
Drymonia (z)
Drymophila (b)
Drymophila (z)
Dugesia (b)
Dugesia (z)
Dunbaria (b)
Dunbaria (z)
Duplicaria (b)
Duplicaria (z)
Dupontia (b)
Dupontia (z)
Dysphania (b)
Dysphania (z)
Echinacea (b)
Echinacea (z)
Echinaria (b)
Echinaria (z)
Echinella (b)
Echinella (z)
Echinops (b)
Echinops (z)
Eclipta (b)
Eclipta (z)
Edgaria (b)
Edgaria (z)
Edmondia (b)
Edmondia (z)
Edwardsiella (z)
Edwardsiella (c)
Eisenia (b)
Eisenia (z)
Elachista (b)
Elachista (z)
Elegia (b)
Elegia (z)
Eminia (b)
Eminia (z)
Enallagma (b)
Enallagma (z)
Encalypta (b)
Encalypta (z)
Endotrichella (b)
Endotrichella (z)
Engelhardtia (b)
Engelhardtia (z)
Enhydra (b)
Enhydra (z)
Ensifera (b)
Ensifera (z)
Enteropogon (b)
Enteropogon (z)
Entomophaga (b)
Entomophaga (z)
Ephelis (b)
Ephelis (z)
Ephemera (b)
Ephemera (z)
Ephemeroidea (b)
Ephemeroidea (z)
Ephemeropsis (b)
Ephemeropsis (z)
Epiblema (b)
Epiblema (z)
Epilithia (b)

Epilithia (c)
Epiphora (b)
Epiphora (z)
Erato (b)
Erato (z)
Eremaea (b)
Eremaea (z)
Eremocharis (b)
Eremocharis (z)
Eremophila (b)
Eremophila (z)
Erianthus (b)
Erianthus (z)
Erica (b)
Erica (z)
Erikssonia (b)
Erikssonia (z)
Eriochiton (b)
Eriochiton (z)
Eriochrysis (b)
Eriochrysis (z)
Eruca (b)
Eruca (z)
Erycina (b)
Erycina (z)
Esenbeckia (b)
Esenbeckia (z)
Esmeralda (b)
Esmeralda (z)
Eucharis (b)
Eucharis (z)
Euclasta (b)
Euclasta (z)
Eulalia (b)
Eulalia (z)
Eupelte (b)
Eupelte (z)
Eurhabdus (b)
Eurhabdus (z)
Euryale (b)
Euryale (z)
Eurybia (b)
Eurybia (z)
Euryomma (b)
Euryomma (z)
Eutaxia (b)
Eutaxia (z)
Everardia (b)
Everardia (z)
Eversmannia (b)
Eversmannia (z)
Falcaria (b)
Falcaria (z)
Fallacia (b)
Fallacia (z)
Faurea (b)
Faurea (z)
Fauriella (b)
Fauriella (z)
Felipponea (b)
Felipponea (z)
Fennellia (b)
Fennellia (z)
Fergania (b)
Fergania (z)
Fergusonia (b)
Fergusonia (z)
Ficus (b)
Ficus (z)
Fioria (b)
Fioria (z)
Fischeria (b)
Fischeria (z)
Fissurina (b)
Fissurina (z)
Fitchia (b)
Fitchia (z)
Flintiella (b)
Flintiella (z)
Fluminicola (b)
Fluminicola (z)
Fortunella (b)
Fortunella (z)
Fosterella (b)
Fosterella (z)
Fridericia (b)
Fridericia (z)
Fritillaria (b)
Fritillaria (z)
Funaria (b)
Funaria (z)
Furcilla (b)
Furcilla (z)
Furia (b)
Furia (z)
Furnariidae (b)
Furnariidae (z)
Gaimardia (b)
Gaimardia (z)
Galeana (b)
Galeana (z)
Galearia (b)
Galearia (z)
Galeopsis (b)
Galeopsis (z)
Gallienia (b)
Gallienia (z)
Gambelia (b)
Gambelia (z)
Ganonema (b)
Ganonema (z)
Gastonia (b)
Gastonia (z)
Gattya (b)
Gattya (z)
Gaudichaudia (b)
Gaudichaudia (z)
Gaussia (b)
Gaussia (z)
Geminella (b)
Geminella (z)
Genea (b)
Genea (z)
Gentingia (b)
Gentingia (z)
Geococcus (b)
Geococcus (z)
Gesneria (b)
Gesneria (z)
Gilia (b)
Gilia (z)
Gilliesia (b)
Gilliesia (z)
Gillotia (b)
Gillotia (z)
Giraudia (b)
Giraudia (z)
Glaucidium (b)
Glaucidium (z)
Glauconema (b)
Glauconema (z)
Glenniea (b)
Glenniea (z)
Glyphis (b)
Glyphis (z)
Glyphopeltis (b)
Glyphopeltis (z)
Gmelina (b)
Gmelina (z)
Goethalsia (b)
Goethalsia (z)
Goldmania (b)
Goldmania (z)
Gomphus (b)
Gomphus (z)
Goniodoma (b)
Goniodoma (z)
Goodia (b)
Goodia (z)
Gordonia (b)
Gordonia (z)
Gordonia (c)
Gouania (b)
Gouania (z)
Gouldia (b)
Gouldia (z)
Graellsia (b)
Graellsia (z)
Grahamia (b)
Grahamia (z)
Graphis (b)
Graphis (z)
Graphium (b)
Graphium (z)
Gravesia (b)
Gravesia (z)
Grayia (b)
Grayia (z)
Gronovia (b)
Gronovia (z)
Guestia (b)
Guestia (z)
Gundlachia (b)
Gundlachia (z)
Gustavia (b)
Gustavia (z)
Gyptis (b)
Gyptis (z)
Hainania (b)
Hainania (z)
Halocharis (b)
Halocharis (z)
Halococcus (z)
Halococcus (c)
Halopteris (b)
Halopteris (z)
Hamadryas (b)
Hamadryas (z)
Hamigera (b)
Hamigera (z)
Hanburia (b)
Hanburia (z)
Hancockia (b)
Hancockia (z)
Hannonia (b)
Hannonia (z)
Haplophyllum (b)
Haplophyllum (z)
Haploporus (b)
Haploporus (z)
Harleya (b)
Harleya (z)
Harpella (b)
Harpella (z)
Harrisia (b)
Harrisia (z)
Harrisonia (b)
Harrisonia (z)
Hawaiia (b)
Hawaiia (z)
Heinsenia (b)
Heinsenia (z)
Hemichroa (b)
Hemichroa (z)
Hemitoma (b)
Hemitoma (z)
Hendersonia (b)
Hendersonia (z)
Henrya (b)
Henrya (z)
Hepatica (b)
Hepatica (z)
Herbertia (b)
Herbertia (z)
Herdmania (b)
Herdmania (z)
Heringia (b)
Heringia (z)
Hermannia (b)
Hermannia (z)
Herodotia (b)
Herodotia (z)
Heteractis (z)
Heteractis (c)
Heterococcus (b)
Heterococcus (z)
Heteropogon (b)
Heteropogon (z)
Heteropsis (b)
Heteropsis (z)
Heterotis (b)
Heterotis (z)
Heterotropa (b)
Heterotropa (z)
Hibbertia (b)
Hibbertia (z)
Hildebrandtiella (b)
Hildebrandtiella (z)
Hildegardia (b)
Hildegardia (z)
Hillia (b)
Hillia (z)
Hintonia (b)
Hintonia (z)
Hippia (b)
Hippia (z)
Hoffmania (b)
Hoffmania (z)
Holmbergia (b)
Holmbergia (z)
Holmiella (b)
Holmiella (z)
Holopedium (z)
Holopedium (c)
Holopogon (b)
Holopogon (z)
Holubia (b)
Holubia (z)
Homoeothrix (z)
Homoeothrix (c)
Homopholis (b)
Homopholis (z)
Hopkinsia (b)
Hopkinsia (z)
Hornera (b)
Hornera (z)
Hosseusia (b)
Hosseusia (z)
Houstonia (b)
Houstonia (z)
Howea (b)
Howea (z)
Huberia (b)
Huberia (z)
Hudsonia (b)
Hudsonia (z)
Humbertiella (b)
Humbertiella (z)
Hydrocoryne (z)
Hydrocoryne (c)
Hydrophilus (b)
Hydrophilus (z)
Hymenocephalus (b)
Hymenocephalus (z)
Hymenoclea (b)
Hymenoclea (z)
Hymenolepis (b)
Hymenolepis (z)
Hyphaene (b)
Hyphaene (z)
Hypoderma (b)
Hypoderma (z)
Hypolepis (b)
Hypolepis (z)
Hypsophila (b)
Hypsophila (z)
Hyssopus (b)
Hyssopus (z)
Hystrichophora (b)
Hystrichophora (z)
Hystrix (b)
Hystrix (z)
Indosphaera (b)
Indosphaera (z)
Inezia (b)
Inezia (z)
Inga (b)
Inga (z)
Ione (b)
Ione (z)
Iphigenia (b)
Iphigenia (z)
Iris (b)
Iris (z)
Isanthus (b)
Isanthus (z)
Isia (b)
Isia (z)
Ismene (b)
Ismene (z)
Isothea (b)
Isothea (z)
Isotoma (b)
Isotoma (z)
Iva (b)
Iva (z)
Jacksonia (b)
Jacksonia (z)
Jacobia (b)
Jacobia (z)
Jaliscoa (b)
Jaliscoa (z)
Jamesia (b)
Jamesia (z)
Janetia (b)
Janetia (z)
Janusia (b)
Janusia (z)
Jeffersonia (b)
Jeffersonia (z)
Johnsonella (b)
Johnsonella (z)
Jonesia (z)
Jonesia (c)
Jubula (b)
Jubula (z)
Kanaloa (b)
Kanaloa (z)
Karschia (b)
Karschia (z)
Kefersteinia (b)
Kefersteinia (z)
Kelleria (b)
Kelleria (z)
Kerria (b)
Kerria (z)
Kingella (b)
Kingella (z)
Kingella (c)
Kirkia (b)
Kirkia (z)
Klossia (b)
Klossia (z)
Knightia (b)
Knightia (z)
Kochia (b)
Kochia (z)
Kraussia (b)
Kraussia (z)
Kupea (b)
Kupea (z)
Kurzia (b)
Kurzia (z)
Lacrymaria (b)
Lacrymaria (z)
Lactarius (b)
Lactarius (z)
Laelia (b)
Laelia (z)
Laeliopsis (b)
Laeliopsis (z)
Lagurus (b)
Lagurus (z)
Laingia (b)
Laingia (z)
Lambia (b)
Lambia (z)
Lancea (b)
Lancea (z)
Lanceola (b)
Lanceola (z)
Lapidaria (b)
Lapidaria (z)
Lasia (b)
Lasia (z)
Lasiurus (b)
Lasiurus (z)
Lauterborniella (b)
Lauterborniella (z)
Lawsonia (b)
Lawsonia (z)
Lawsonia (c)
Lebrunia (b)
Lebrunia (z)
Lecania (b)
Lecania (z)
Leiothrix (b)
Leiothrix (z)
Leopoldia (b)
Leopoldia (z)
Lepidostoma (b)
Lepidostoma (z)
Lepidothrix (b)
Lepidothrix (z)
Lepista (b)
Lepista (z)
Leptocarpus (b)
Leptocarpus (z)
Leptochilus (b)
Leptochilus (z)
Leptochiton (b)
Leptochiton (z)
Leptoderma (b)
Leptoderma (z)
Leptodon (b)
Leptodon (z)
Leptonema (b)
Leptonema (z)
Leptonema (c)
Leptopogon (z)
Leptopogon (c)
Leptospira (b)
Leptospira (z)
Leptostylis (b)
Leptostylis (z)
Leptotes (b)
Leptotes (z)
Leptothrix (z)
Leptothrix (c)
Leschenaultia (b)
Leschenaultia (z)
Lessertia (b)
Lessertia (z)
Lessonia (b)
Lessonia (z)
Lestoidea (b)
Lestoidea (z)
Lesueuria (b)
Lesueuria (z)
Leucandra (b)
Leucandra (z)
Leucoptera (b)
Leucoptera (z)
Leucostoma (b)
Leucostoma (z)
Leucothoe (b)
Leucothoe (z)
Leucothrix (z)
Leucothrix (c)
Lichina (b)
Lichina (z)
Ligaria (b)
Ligaria (z)
Limbella (b)
Limbella (z)
Limnophila (b)
Limnophila (z)
Limonia (b)
Limonia (z)
Lindbergia (b)
Lindbergia (z)
Lindenia (b)
Lindenia (z)
Lindera (b)
Lindera (z)
Lindigia (b)
Lindigia (z)
Lindra (b)
Lindra (z)
Linostoma (b)
Linostoma (z)
Liparis (b)
Liparis (z)
Lipochaeta (b)
Lipochaeta (z)
Liriope (b)
Liriope (z)
Lloydia (b)
Lloydia (z)
Lobata (b)
Lobata (z)
Lobophora (b)
Lobophora (z)
Lockhartia (b)
Lockhartia (z)
Loewia (b)
Loewia (z)
Logania (b)
Logania (z)
Lophophora (b)
Lophophora (z)
Lophura (b)
Lophura (z)
Lordhowea (b)
Lordhowea (z)
Loricaria (b)
Loricaria (z)
Loricella (b)
Loricella (z)
Lucilia (b)
Lucilia (z)
Ludia (b)
Ludia (z)
Ludwigia (b)
Ludwigia (z)
Luma (b)
Luma (z)
Lundiella (b)
Lundiella (z)
Luzonia (b)
Luzonia (z)
Lycopus (b)
Lycopus (z)
Lyellia (b)
Lyellia (z)
Lyonia (b)
Lyonia (z)
Lysidice (b)
Lysidice (z)
Lysurus (b)
Lysurus (z)
Macgregoria (b)
Macgregoria (z)
Machaerium (b)
Machaerium (z)
Macrocoma (b)
Macrocoma (z)
Macroderma (b)
Macroderma (z)
Macrolenes (b)
Macrolenes (z)
Macropeplus (b)
Macropeplus (z)
Macrostylis (b)
Macrostylis (z)
Maddenia (b)
Maddenia (z)
Malacothrix (b)
Malacothrix (z)
Mallotus (b)
Mallotus (z)
Malupa (b)
Malupa (z)
Mansonia (b)
Mansonia (z)
Mapania (b)
Mapania (z)
Maripa (b)
Maripa (z)
Massalongia (b)
Massalongia (z)
Mastophora (b)
Mastophora (z)
Mauritia (b)
Mauritia (z)
Mawsonia (b)
Mawsonia (z)
Mazaea (b)
Mazaea (z)
Mecopus (b)
Mecopus (z)
Melaniella (b)
Melaniella (z)
Melanochaeta (b)
Melanochaeta (z)
Melanogaster (b)
Melanogaster (z)
Melanomma (b)
Melanomma (z)
Melanotus (b)
Melanotus (z)
Melasina (b)
Melasina (z)
Melia (b)
Melia (z)
Meloini (b)
Meloini (z)
Mentzelia (b)
Mentzelia (z)
Merope (b)
Merope (z)
Mertensia (b)
Mertensia (z)
Metanema (b)
Metanema (z)
Metatrichia (b)
Metatrichia (z)
Metschnikowia (b)
Metschnikowia (z)
Metzgeria (b)
Metzgeria (z)
Mexicoa (b)
Mexicoa (z)
Meyenia (b)
Meyenia (z)
Micraspis (b)
Micraspis (z)
Microcladia (b)
Microcladia (z)
Micrococcus (z)
Micrococcus (c)
Microcodon (b)
Microcodon (z)
Microcyclus (b)
Microcyclus (z)
Microcyclus (c)
Microdiscus (b)
Microdiscus (z)
Micromonas (b)

Micromonas (c)
Micronychia (b)
Micronychia (z)
Micropholis (b)
Micropholis (z)
Microporus (b)
Microporus (z)
Microrhinus (b)
Microrhinus (z)
Microstigma (b)
Microstigma (z)
Microstoma (b)
Microstoma (z)
Milesia (b)
Milesia (z)
Milleria (b)
Milleria (z)
Mimulus (b)
Mimulus (z)
Mitchella (b)
Mitchella (z)
Mitraria (b)
Mitraria (z)
Mitrella (b)
Mitrella (z)
Mitreola (b)
Mitreola (z)
Monactis (b)
Monactis (z)
Monadenia (b)
Monadenia (z)
Monarda (b)
Monarda (z)
Monascus (b)
Monascus (z)
Monotaxis (b)
Monotaxis (z)
Montanoa (b)

Montanoa (c)
Monteiroa (b)
Monteiroa (z)
Moorella (b)
Moorella (z)
Moorella (c)
Mora (b)
Mora (z)
Morelia (b)
Morelia (z)
Morganella (b)
Morganella (z)
Morganella (c)
Morinda (b)
Morinda (z)
Morus (b)
Morus (z)
Muelleriella (b)
Muelleriella (z)
Muellerina (b)
Muellerina (z)
Mukia (b)
Mukia (z)
Myrinia (b)
Myrinia (z)
Myrionema (b)
Myrionema (z)
Myrmecia (b)
Myrmecia (z)
Mytilopsis (b)
Mytilopsis (z)
Myurella (b)
Myurella (z)
Myxa (b)
Myxa (z)
Nais (b)
Nais (z)
Namibia (b)
Namibia (z)
Napaea (b)
Napaea (z)
Nauplius (b)
Nauplius (z)
Nautococcus (b)
Nautococcus (z)
Necator (b)
Necator (z)
Nectria (b)
Nectria (z)
Nelia (b)
Nelia (z)
Nelsonia (b)
Nelsonia (z)
Nemesia (b)
Nemesia (z)
Neodesmus (b)
Neodesmus (z)
Neosiphonia (b)
Neosiphonia (z)
Nesolechia (b)
Nesolechia (z)
Neta (b)
Neta (z)
Newmania (b)
Newmania (z)
Newtonia (b)
Newtonia (z)
Nidularia (b)
Nidularia (z)
Nilssonia (b)
Nilssonia (z)
Nosema (b)
Nosema (z)
Notopleura (b)
Notopleura (z)
Oceanites (b)
Oceanites (z)
Odontella (b)
Odontella (z)
Odontophorus (b)
Odontophorus (z)
Odontostoma (b)
Odontostoma (z)
Odontura (b)
Odontura (z)
Oenanthe (b)
Oenanthe (z)
Okenia (b)
Okenia (z)
Olea (b)
Olea (z)
Olfersia (b)
Olfersia (z)
Oligochaeta (b)
Oligochaeta (z)
Olla (b)
Olla (z)
Olyra (b)
Olyra (z)
Omania (b)
Omania (z)
Ommatophora (b)
Ommatophora (z)
Oncotylus (b)
Oncotylus (z)
Onnia (b)
Onnia (z)
Onychophora (b)
Onychophora (z)
Operculina (b)
Operculina (z)
Ophidion (b)
Ophidion (z)
Ophiocephalus (b)
Ophiocephalus (z)
Orania (b)
Orania (z)
Orchipedum (b)
Orchipedum (z)
Oreocharis (b)
Oreocharis (z)
Orestias (b)
Orestias (z)
Orgyia (b)
Orgyia (z)
Oricia (b)
Oricia (z)
Orina (b)
Orina (z)
Ormosia (b)
Ormosia (z)
Oroya (b)
Oroya (z)
Orthosia (b)
Orthosia (z)
Oryctes (b)
Oryctes (z)
Osa (b)
Osa (z)
Ostodes (b)
Ostodes (z)
Ourococcus (b)
Ourococcus (z)
Ovidia (b)
Ovidia (z)
Owenia (b)
Owenia (z)
Oxyphyllum (b)
Oxyphyllum (z)
Oxyporus (b)
Oxyporus (z)
Oxyrhynchus (b)
Oxyrhynchus (z)
Oxystigma (b)
Oxystigma (z)
Ozophora (b)
Ozophora (z)
Pabellonia (b)
Pabellonia (z)
Pachystylus (b)
Pachystylus (z)
Palaeococcus (z)
Palaeococcus (c)
Palaua (b)
Palaua (z)
Palmeria (b)
Palmeria (z)
Palmicola (b)
Palmicola (z)
Palumbina (b)
Palumbina (z)
Panderia (b)
Panderia (z)
Pandora (b)
Pandora (z)
Panus (b)
Panus (z)
Papillaria (b)
Papillaria (z)
Paracephala (b)
Paracephala (z)
Paracoccus (z)
Paracoccus (c)
Paradrymonia (b)
Paradrymonia (z)
Paragonia (b)
Paragonia (z)
Paralophia (b)
Paralophia (z)
Parastenella (b)
Parastenella (z)
Parisia (b)
Parisia (z)
Parkia (b)
Parkia (z)
Parlatoria (b)
Parlatoria (z)
Parmena (b)
Parmena (z)
Parthenope (b)
Parthenope (z)
Passerina (b)
Passerina (z)
Patellina (b)
Patellina (z)
Paulinella (b)
Paulinella (z)
Pavonia (b)
Pavonia (z)
Paxillus (b)
Paxillus (z)
Pectinaria (b)
Pectinaria (z)
Pehria (b)
Pehria (z)
Pelea (b)
Pelea (z)
Pellaea (b)
Pellaea (z)
Pennella (b)
Pennella (z)
Pentachaeta (b)
Pentachaeta (z)
Pentagramma (b)
Pentagramma (z)
Pentodon (b)
Pentodon (z)
Periboea (b)
Periboea (z)
Perigrapha (b)
Perigrapha (z)
Perilla (b)
Perilla (z)
Periploca (b)
Periploca (z)
Peronia (b)
Peronia (z)
Perotis (b)
Perotis (z)
Perrotia (b)
Perrotia (z)
Perrottetia (b)
Perrottetia (z)
Petalidium (b)
Petalidium (z)
Petermannia (b)
Petermannia (z)
Petitia (b)
Petitia (z)
Phalaenopsis (b)
Phalaenopsis (z)
Phania (b)
Phania (z)
Pharus (b)
Pharus (z)
Phaseolus (b)
Phaseolus (z)
Philippia (b)
Philippia (z)
Phillipsia (b)
Phillipsia (z)
Philyra (b)
Philyra (z)
Phippsia (b)
Phippsia (z)
Phoebe (b)
Phoebe (z)
Pholidota (b)
Pholidota (z)
Photinini (b)
Photinini (z)
Phrynella (b)
Phrynella (z)
Phyllanthus (b)
Phyllanthus (z)
Phyllodoce (b)
Phyllodoce (z)
Phyllodon (b)
Phyllodon (z)
Phyllophaga (b)
Phyllophaga (z)
Phyllophora (b)
Phyllophora (z)
Phylloporia (b)
Phylloporia (z)
Picconia (b)
Picconia (z)
Pieris (b)
Pieris (z)
Pileolaria (b)
Pileolaria (z)
Pilophorus (b)
Pilophorus (z)
Pindara (b)
Pindara (z)
Pintoa (b)
Pintoa (z)
Pinus (b)
Pinus (z)
Placosoma (b)
Placosoma (z)
Plagiochasma (b)
Plagiochasma (z)
Plagiogramma (b)
Plagiogramma (z)
Plagiopus (b)
Plagiopus (z)
Plagiotropis (b)
Plagiotropis (z)
Planetella (b)
Planetella (z)
Planococcus (z)
Planococcus (c)
Plathymenia (b)
Plathymenia (z)
Platycyamus (b)
Platycyamus (z)
Platylobium (b)
Platylobium (z)
Platylophus (b)
Platylophus (z)
Platynota (b)
Platynota (z)
Plecoptera (b)
Plecoptera (z)
Pleurotopsis (b)
Pleurotopsis (z)
Plotia (b)
Plotia (z)
Plumbago (b)
Plumbago (z)
Plutarchia (b)
Plutarchia (z)
Podolasia (b)
Podolasia (z)
Pogonophora (b)
Pogonophora (z)
Pogonopus (b)
Pogonopus (z)
Pollia (b)
Pollia (z)
Polychaeta (b)
Polychaeta (z)
Polylepis (b)
Polylepis (z)
Polynema (b)
Polynema (z)
Polyphaga (b)
Polyphaga (z)
Polypodium (b)
Polypodium (z)
Polypogon (b)
Polypogon (z)
Polystictus (b)
Polystictus (z)
Polyura (b)
Polyura (z)
Ponera (b)
Ponera (z)
Pontogeneia (b)
Pontogeneia (z)
Porella (b)
Porella (z)
Poria (b)
Poria (z)
Porodiscus (b)
Porodiscus (z)
Porpax (b)
Porpax (z)
Portlandia (b)
Portlandia (z)
Pottsia (b)
Pottsia (z)
Poulsenia (b)
Poulsenia (z)
Prescottia (b)
Prescottia (z)
Prestonia (b)
Prestonia (z)
Preussia (b)
Preussia (z)
Prionodon (b)
Prionodon (z)
Pritchardia (b)
Pritchardia (z)
Proboscidea (b)
Proboscidea (z)
Procris (b)
Procris (z)
Proteomonas (b)
Proteomonas (z)
Proteus (z)
Proteus (c)
Prunella (b)
Prunella (z)
Psammodiscus (b)
Psammodiscus (z)
Pseudoclausia (b)
Pseudoclausia (z)
Pseudographis (b)
Pseudographis (z)
Pseudorhiza (b)
Pseudorhiza (z)
Pseudotrichia (b)
Pseudotrichia (z)
Pterococcus (b)
Pterococcus (z)
Pterogyne (b)
Pterogyne (z)
Pterolepis (b)
Pterolepis (z)
Pterozonium (b)
Pterozonium (z)
Pterygota (b)
Pterygota (z)
Ptilium (b)
Ptilium (z)
Ptilophora (b)
Ptilophora (z)
Ptilothrix (b)
Ptilothrix (z)
Pulvinaria (b)
Pulvinaria (z)
Pumilus (b)
Pumilus (z)
Pustularia (b)
Pustularia (z)
Pycnanthus (b)
Pycnanthus (z)
Pycnoporus (b)
Pycnoporus (z)
Pyramidella (b)
Pyramidella (z)
Pyramidula (b)
Pyramidula (z)
Pyramis (b)
Pyramis (z)
Pyronia (b)
Pyronia (z)
Quadricoccus (b)

Quadricoccus (c)
Quekettia (b)
Quekettia (z)
Rama (b)
Rama (z)
Ramonda (b)
Ramonda (z)
Randia (b)
Randia (z)
Ranzania (b)
Ranzania (z)
Raoulia (b)
Raoulia (z)
Raphia (b)
Raphia (z)
Raphiinae (b)
Raphiinae (z)
Reichardia (b)
Reichardia (z)
Reichenbachia (b)
Reichenbachia (z)
Reichlingia (b)
Reichlingia (z)
Reniforma (b)
Reniforma (z)
Restio (b)
Restio (z)
Retaria (b)
Retaria (z)
Reynoldsia (b)
Reynoldsia (z)
Rhadinopus (b)
Rhadinopus (z)
Rhamphorhynchus (b)
Rhamphorhynchus (z)
Rhaphidophora (b)
Rhaphidophora (z)
Rhaphidura (b)
Rhaphidura (z)
Rhodesia (b)
Rhodesia (z)
Rhodobium (z)
Rhodobium (c)
Rhodococcus (b)
Rhodococcus (z)
Rhodococcus (c)
Rhodopis (b)
Rhodopis (z)
Rhodosphaera (b)
Rhodosphaera (z)
Rhomboidella (b)
Rhomboidella (z)
Rhopalogaster (b)
Rhopalogaster (z)
Rhynchophorus (b)
Rhynchophorus (z)
Rhytisma (b)
Rhytisma (z)
Riccia (b)
Riccia (z)
Richardia (b)
Richardia (z)
Richteria (b)
Richteria (z)
Ricinus (b)
Ricinus (z)
Riedelia (b)
Riedelia (z)
Rileya (b)
Rileya (z)
Rimula (b)
Rimula (z)
Rissoella (b)
Rissoella (z)
Robinsonia (b)
Robinsonia (z)
Rochefortia (b)
Rochefortia (z)
Rodriguezia (b)
Rodriguezia (z)
Roesleria (b)
Roesleria (z)
Rohdea (b)
Rohdea (z)
Rollandia (b)
Rollandia (z)
Rondeletia (b)
Rondeletia (z)
Roperia (b)
Roperia (z)
Rosella (b)
Rosella (z)
Rossia (b)
Rossia (z)
Rothia (b)
Rothia (z)
Rothia (c)
Rotula (b)
Rotula (z)
Ruellia (b)
Ruellia (z)
Rupicola (b)
Rupicola (z)
Ruspolia (b)
Ruspolia (z)
Russellia (b)
Russellia (z)
Sabaudia (b)
Sabaudia (z)
Sabina (b)
Sabina (z)
Saccorhiza (b)
Saccorhiza (z)
Sachsia (b)
Sachsia (z)
Salacia (b)
Salacia (z)
Salix (b)
Salix (z)
Salomonia (b)
Salomonia (z)
Salvadora (b)
Salvadora (z)
Sarcodon (b)
Sarcodon (z)
Sarcophyton (b)
Sarcophyton (z)
Satyrium (b)
Satyrium (z)
Schaefferia (b)
Schaefferia (z)
Schilleriella (b)
Schilleriella (z)
Schimperella (b)
Schimperella (z)
Schindleria (b)
Schindleria (z)
Schineria (z)
Schineria (c)
Schistostoma (b)
Schistostoma (z)
Schizonotus (b)
Schizonotus (z)
Schizophragma (b)
Schizophragma (z)
Schizophyllum (b)
Schizophyllum (z)
Schizothrix (z)
Schizothrix (c)
Schlechtendalia (b)
Schlechtendalia (z)
Schoutenia (b)
Schoutenia (z)
Schrankia (b)
Schrankia (z)
Schultesia (b)
Schultesia (z)
Sclerocephalus (b)
Sclerocephalus (z)
Sclerococcus (z)
Sclerococcus (c)
Scleronema (b)
Scleronema (z)
Scleropogon (b)
Scleropogon (z)
Scoparia (b)
Scoparia (z)
Scorpiurus (b)
Scorpiurus (z)
Scotiella (b)
Scotiella (z)
Scuticaria (b)
Scuticaria (z)
Scutiger (b)
Scutiger (z)
Searsia (b)
Searsia (z)
Securigera (b)
Securigera (z)
Segestria (b)
Segestria (z)
Selenia (b)
Selenia (z)
Semele (b)
Semele (z)
Sergia (b)
Sergia (z)
Sericodes (b)
Sericodes (z)
Sericostoma (b)
Sericostoma (z)
Serpula (b)
Serpula (z)
Setaria (b)
Setaria (z)
Severinia (b)
Severinia (z)
Shortia (b)
Shortia (z)
Shuttleworthia (b)
Shuttleworthia (z)
Sicarius (b)
Sicarius (z)
Sicydium (b)
Sicydium (z)
Sida (b)
Sida (z)
Simplicia (b)
Simplicia (z)
Sinclairia (b)
Sinclairia (z)
Sinia (b)
Sinia (z)
Siphonaria (b)
Siphonaria (z)
Sirindhornia (b)
Sirindhornia (z)
Skottsbergia (b)
Skottsbergia (z)
Sladenia (b)
Sladenia (z)
Smilax (b)
Smilax (z)
Solaria (b)
Solaria (z)
Solenophora (b)
Solenophora (z)
Solenopsis (b)
Solenopsis (z)
Solieria (b)
Solieria (z)
Sonneratia (b)
Sonneratia (z)
Sphaerella (b)
Sphaerella (z)
Sphaeridium (b)
Sphaeridium (z)
Sphaerococcus (b)
Sphaerococcus (z)
Sphaerocoryne (b)
Sphaerocoryne (z)
Sphaerophysa (b)
Sphaerophysa (z)
Sphaerosoma (b)
Sphaerosoma (z)
Sphaerospora (b)
Sphaerospora (z)
Sphaerotheca (b)
Sphaerotheca (z)
Sphenopus (b)
Sphenopus (z)
Spirospora (b)
Spirospora (z)
Spirotropis (b)
Spirotropis (z)
Spirulina (b)
Spirulina (z)
Spirulina (c)
Stagnicola (b)
Stagnicola (z)
Staurophora (b)
Staurophora (z)
Stelis (b)
Stelis (z)
Stella (z)
Stella (c)
Stelligera (b)
Stelligera (z)
Stenella (b)
Stenella (z)
Stenia (b)
Stenia (z)
Stenocybe (b)
Stenocybe (z)
Stenocybe (c)
Stenodesmus (b)
Stenodesmus (z)
Stenomeria (b)
Stenomeria (z)
Stenomeris (b)
Stenomeris (z)
Stenostomum (b)
Stenostomum (z)
Stenotaenia (b)
Stenotaenia (z)
Stenotis (b)
Stenotis (z)
Stenotus (b)
Stenotus (z)
Stephensia (b)
Stephensia (z)
Stephensoniella (b)
Stephensoniella (z)
Stereochilus (b)
Stereochilus (z)
Stevenia (b)
Stevenia (z)
Sticta (b)
Sticta (z)
Stigmatella (z)
Stigmatella (c)
Stigmella (b)
Stigmella (z)
Stirtonia (b)
Stirtonia (z)
Stokesia (b)
Stokesia (z)
Stolzia (b)
Stolzia (z)
Strasseria (b)
Strasseria (z)
Striaria (b)
Striaria (z)
Strumella (b)
Strumella (z)
Suarezia (b)
Suarezia (z)
Sulaimania (b)
Sulaimania (z)
Symphonia (b)
Symphonia (z)
Symphyllia (b)
Symphyllia (z)
Symphysodon (b)
Symphysodon (z)
Symphyta (b)
Symphyta (z)
Synalissa (b)
Synalissa (z)
Synapsis (b)
Synapsis (z)
Synthlipsis (b)
Synthlipsis (z)
Systremma (b)
Systremma (z)
Taiwania (b)
Taiwania (z)
Takakia (b)
Takakia (z)
Talbotia (b)
Talbotia (z)
Tamania (b)
Tamania (z)
Tandonia (b)
Tandonia (z)
Tapinella (b)
Tapinella (z)
Targionia (b)
Targionia (z)
Taxus (b)
Taxus (z)
Tayloria (b)
Tayloria (z)
Temnopteryx (b)
Temnopteryx (z)
Terminalia (b)
Terminalia (z)
Tetrabrachium (b)
Tetrabrachium (z)
Tetracme (b)
Tetracme (z)
Tetragonia (b)
Tetragonia (z)
Tetrapedia (b)
Tetrapedia (z)
Tetrapleura (b)
Tetrapleura (z)
Tetraplodon (b)
Tetraplodon (z)
Tetrasiphon (b)
Tetrasiphon (z)
Tetratoma (b)
Tetratoma (z)
Thalia (b)
Thalia (z)
Thalpophila (z)
Thalpophila (c)
Thelia (b)
Thelia (z)
Theria (b)
Theria (z)
Thesium (b)
Thesium (z)
Thespis (b)
Thespis (z)
Thorella (b)
Thorella (z)
Thymopsis (b)
Thymopsis (z)
Thymus (b)
Thymus (z)
Thyridium (b)
Thyridium (z)
Thysanophora (b)
Thysanophora (z)
Tibetia (b)
Tibetia (z)
Timmia (b)
Timmia (z)
Tina (b)
Tina (z)
Titaea (b)
Titaea (z)
Tocantinia (b)
Tocantinia (z)
Tortula (b)
Tortula (z)
Townsendia (b)
Townsendia (z)
Trabecula (b)
Trabecula (z)
Trachycystis (b)
Trachycystis (z)
Trachypus (b)
Trachypus (z)
Trachys (b)
Trachys (z)
Trachysphaera (b)
Trachysphaera (z)
Traubia (b)
Traubia (z)
Trentepohlia (b)
Trentepohlia (z)
Tribolium (b)
Tribolium (z)
Tribulus (b)
Tribulus (z)
Trichia (b)
Trichia (z)
Trichiuridae (b)
Trichiuridae (z)
Trichodesma (b)
Trichodesma (z)
Trichodon (b)
Trichodon (z)
Trichoneura (b)
Trichoneura (z)
Trichopetalum (b)
Trichopetalum (z)
Trichopteryx (b)
Trichopteryx (z)
Tridens (b)
Tridens (z)
Trigonaspis (b)
Trigonaspis (z)
Trigonidium (b)
Trigonidium (z)
Trimenia (b)
Trimenia (z)
Trinacria (b)
Trinacria (z)
Trinia (b)
Trinia (z)
Triodia (b)
Triodia (z)
Triphora (b)
Triphora (z)
Tristira (b)
Tristira (z)
Tritonia (b)
Tritonia (z)
Trochus (b)
Trochus (z)
Trolliella (b)
Trolliella (z)
Tropidia (b)
Tropidia (z)
Truncatella (b)
Truncatella (z)
Tuber (b)
Tuber (z)
Tulbaghia (b)
Tulbaghia (z)
Turbinaria (b)
Turbinaria (z)
Turricula (b)
Turricula (z)
Tydemania (b)
Tydemania (z)
Tylotus (b)
Tylotus (z)
Typha (b)
Typha (z)
Ulva (b)
Ulva (z)
Ulvaria (b)
Ulvaria (z)
Urbania (b)
Urbania (z)
Urceolina (b)
Urceolina (z)
Urodon (b)
Urodon (z)
Uronema (b)
Uronema (z)
Urvillea (b)
Urvillea (z)
Valdivia (b)
Valdivia (z)
Valonia (b)
Valonia (z)
Vandellia (b)
Vandellia (z)
Vanhoeffenia (b)
Vanhoeffenia (z)
Venturia (b)
Venturia (z)
Vermicularia (b)
Vermicularia (z)
Vesicularia (b)
Vesicularia (z)
Victoria (b)
Victoria (z)
Vidalia (b)
Vidalia (z)
Viguierella (b)
Viguierella (z)
Viola (b)
Viola (z)
Virgilia (b)
Virgilia (z)
Vittia (b)
Vittia (z)
Volutella (b)
Volutella (z)
Vossia (b)
Vossia (z)
Waltonia (b)
Waltonia (z)
Wardia (b)
Wardia (z)
Wenyingia (b)
Wenyingia (z)
Werneria (b)
Werneria (z)
Weymouthia (b)
Weymouthia (z)
Willardia (b)
Willardia (z)
Williamsonia (b)
Williamsonia (z)
Wilsonia (b)
Wilsonia (z)
Wilsoniella (b)
Wilsoniella (z)
Womersleyella (b)
Womersleyella (z)
Woodfordia (b)
Woodfordia (z)
Woodsia (b)
Woodsia (z)
Xenococcus (z)
Xenococcus (c)
Xenus (b)
Xenus (z)
Xerophyllum (b)
Xerophyllum (z)
Xizangia (b)
Xizangia (z)
Xyleborus (b)
Xyleborus (z)
Xylococcus (b)
Xylococcus (z)
Xylophilus (z)
Xylophilus (c)
Xylorhiza (b)
Xylorhiza (z)
Yersinia (z)
Yersinia (c)
Youngia (b)
Youngia (z)
Yvesia (b)
Yvesia (z)
Zenkerella (b)
Zenkerella (z)
Zeus (b)
Zeus (z)
Zilla (b)
Zilla (z)
Zonaria (b)
Zonaria (z)
Botanical Zoological Bacterial

Other cases
name could be "unstable" hemihomonym if it is unclear which code should be used for this name (ambiregnal names);
name could be a true homonym (as a side result of data processing, we have a list of some true homonyms here);
there are three other codes of nomenclature which may also contain hemihomonyms: code for viruses, cultivated plants (which does not, however, control nomenclature at the generic level), and PhyloCode (which is not an "official" code yet);
if the name is in the table, there is still a possibility that it is not a hemihomonym because many published names have been considered as non-valid;
if the name is not in the table, there is still a possibility that it is a hemihomonym because not all resources have been checked.
The work is far from perfection, there are many errors, some names are not listed. Please report your corrections and additions here.
The database is a result of processing data from several sources: Catalog of Life 2008, Wikispecies, TAXACOM on-line archives and personal communications wth TAXACOM participants. Taking into account the diverse nature of sources, we cannot guarantee that database contains only validly published names. We are very grateful to David Patterson, Patrick Leary and Dmitry Mozzherin (EOL) for their invaluable help.