Comparative investigation of the Kiv gull, Chupa gull and Keretskij archipelago flora.

Abramova L.A., Rimskaja-Korsakova  N.N., Shipunov A.B.

Abramova L.A., Rimskaja-Korsakova N.N., Shipunov A.B. Comparative investigation of the Kiv gull, Chupa gull and Keretskij archipelago flora  // The materials of the White Sea Expedition of Moscow South-West High School. Vol. 2 [Electronic resourse]. 2002. Mode of access:

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This article concerns with the research of island flora. The works of White sea expedition of Moscow South-West High School have been carried on Chupa gulf since 1991 year. This research went on the second half of June and the first decade of august in 1999--2002 years in Kandalaksha Gulf of Wait Sea. The islands under investigation are subdivided in 8 archipelagos, which are situated in Chupa Gulf and Kiv Gulf. Some islands of Kem-Ludy archipelago were studied also.

During the research islands it was used the transect method with round a part of seacoast. The following parameters were recorded for each island: an abundance of species, a distance to the continent, a relief, an openness, a frequency of finding the different biotopes, any traces of people's activity, the type of island according to the classification from Breslina work (Breslina, 1987). Total list of flora consist of 300 species and species groups.

An analysis of data showed:

  1. The dependence between quantity of plants and areas of island is logarithmic;
  2. The island disposition don't render significant influence on their flora's resemblance;
  3. The first of all island's dimension influences on classification, the second factor is the nearness to the continent, and the third factor is the availability of suitable biotopes such as forest, voronichnik, seaside meadow and seaside rocks.

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