Short history of the system

v.0.1 (Feb 1992)

Preliminary version, based mainly on Takhtajan (1966, 1987) and Dahlgren (1983) works.

v.1.0 (Feb 1993)

First public version.

v.2.0 (Dec 1994)

First electronic version.

v.3.0 (Sep 1998)

Completely rearranged orders and superorders.

More recent versions

v.4.0 (Jun 1999)

Molecular systematics was taken into account, suborders introduced.

v.4.2 (Dec 2000)

All taxa improved with recent information, 3 orders added.

Some of changes in v.4.4 (Feb 2002):

Some of changes in v.4.607 (Mar 2003):

Some of changes in v.4.800 (Dec 2005):