H e r b a r i u m   L i n n a e a n u m

The Linnaean Collection of the Herbarium of Moscow State University: digital images, comments, historical review.

S.A.  Balandin, I.A. Gubanov, C.E. Jarvis, S.R. Majorov, S.S. Simonov, D.D. Sokoloff and S.V. Sukhov


Database of digital images of all the 63 specimens of the Linnaean Collection of the Herbarium of Moscow State University, including main mounting sheet, verso, watermarks and other details, historical and nomenclatural comments; original software allowing management of the database and browsing images; illustrated review of botany in Moscow and Russia; illustrated review of the Herbarium of Moscow State University. Eight bonus high quality images of 700 ppi resolution.

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Publication date: September 2001
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