Type collection of Lomonosov Moscow State University (MW)

Taxon: Avena filiformis G. Forst., 1786, Fl. Ins. Austr.: 8, n. 40.

Valid name: Agrostis avenacea Gmel., Syst. Nat. 2(1): 171. 1791.

Other synonym(s): Agrostis forsteri Roem. & Schult., Syst. Veg. 2: 359. 1817, nom. superfl. for Agrostis avenacea Gmel., 1791.
Lachnagrostis forsteri Trin., Gram. Unifl. Sesquifl.: 217. 1824, nom. superfl.
Deyeuxia forsteri Kunth, Rev. Gram. 1: 77. 1829, nom. illeg. (incl. type of Agrostis avenacea Gmel. 1791).
Calamagrostis forsteri Steud., Nomencl. Bot. 1: 250. 1840 (nom. illeg., incl. type of Agrostis avenacea Gmel. 1791).
Agrostis filiformis (G. Forst.) Spreng. in Biehler, Pl. Nov. Herb. Spreng.: 7, n. 10. 30 May 1807, non Vill. 1787.
Lachnagrostis filiformis (G. Forst.) Trin., Fund. Agrost.: 128, t. 10. 1820.
Calamagrostis filiformis (G. Forst.) Cockayne in Rep. Bot. Surv. Tongarino Nat. Park: 35. 1908, non Griseb. 1868.
Deyeuxia filiformis (G. Forst.) Petrie in Chilton, Subantartic Isl. New Zealand 2: 474. 1909, non (Griseb.) Hook. f. 1896.

MW specimen No.: MW_0000077

Type status: Isolectotypus

Label(s): 1.

Origin: Forster collection from Hoffmann's herbarium. Collected on 2nd Cook Expedition (1772-1775).

Notes: Lectotypification and taxonomy by Dan H. Nicolson (US) 2/2000.
The specimen was mounted in the 20th century. Common cover for specimen 77 and 78 of rose paper with watermark type2.


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