Type collection of Lomonosov Moscow State University (MW)

Taxon: Betula antarctica G. Forst., Fasc. Pl. Magell.: 35, n. 8. Mar-Apr 1788; G. Forst. in Commentat. Soc. Regiae Sci. Gott. 9: 45, n. 8. 1789, nom. nud.] ex Willd., Sp. Pl. 4: 466. 1805, non Nothofagus antarctica (G. Forst.) Oerst. 1871.

Valid name: Nothofagus betuloides (Mirb.) [Bl., Mus. Bot. Lugd.-Bat. 1: 307. 1851, sine comb.] Oerst., Egefam.: 24. 1871; Oerst. in Kongel. Danske Vidensk.-Selsk. Skr. 5, 9: 354. 1873.

Other synonym(s): Fagus forsteri Hook. in J. Bot. (Hooker) 2: 156, t. 8. 1840 (non Fagus antarctica G. Forst. 1789). - Calusparassus forsteri (Hook.) Hombr. et Jacquinot in Dum. d'Urv., Voy. Pole Sud., Atlas Bot. (Dicot.): t. 6, fig. Sigma. 1843.

MW specimen No.: MW_00000102

Type status: Isotype

Label(s): 1 (verso, ? Rudolphi).

Origin: Trinius herbarium. Collected on 2nd Cook Expedition (1772-1775).

Notes: The specimen was mounted in the 20th century. An old cover of greyish paper with watermark type 1 is survived. Typification and taxonomy by Dan H. Nicolson (US) 2/2000.


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