Type collection of Lomonosov Moscow State University (MW)

Taxon: Crassula moschata G. Forst., Fasc. Pl. Magell.: 16, n. 10. Mar-Apr 1788; G. Forst. in Commentat. Soc. Regiae Sci. Gott. 9: 26, n. 10. 1789.

Valid name: Crassula moschata G. Forst.

Other synonym(s): Bulliarda moschata (G. Forst.) Dum. d'Urv., Fl. Iles Malouin.: 53. 1825. -
Tillaea moschata
(G. Forst.) DC., Prodr. 3: 382. 1828. - Tillaea magellanica Willd. ex J. A. Schult., Mantissa in Syst. Veg. 3: 345. 1827. - Crassula magellanica (Schultes) Macloskie in Scott, Rep. Princeton Univ. Exped. Patag. 8: 456. 1905.

MW specimen No.: MW_00000117

Type status: Original material

Label(s): 1 (verso).

Origin: Trinius herbarium. Collected on 2nd Cook Expedition (1772-1775).

Notes: Typification and taxonomy by Dan H. Nicolson (US) 2/2000.


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