"Biology and Taxonomy of Green Algae IV"

An International Symposium

Juny 24-28, 2002


The International Symposium will be organized by the Phycological Section of the Slovak Botanical Society SAS and the Institute of Botany SAS at the Congress Centrum of the Slovak, Academy of Sciences, Smolenice-Castle, Slovakia, in June 24-28, 2002.

Smolenice-Castle is situated about 70 km NE of Bratislava, capital of the Slovak Republic. The meeting will provide a forum for young and established phycologists for communication and discussion on many aspects of biology and taxonomy of freshwater green algae, including basic and applied research. Number of participants is limited to 80. Limited funds are available to assist young scientists to take part in the Symposium. Please, send the application for obtaining grants with the abstract by February 28, 2002

Scientific program consists of plenary lectures, workshops (Desmids Taxonomy, convener P. F. M. COESEL; Genetics and Biochemistry of Chlamydomonas (convener D. VLCEK); Ecology and Applied Biology of Green Algae (conveners P. MARVAN, J. MAKOVINSKA) and poster sessions. Proceedings will be published in the international journal Biologia, Section Botany, Bratislava.


Registration Fees:

Registration includes:

Accommodation Congress Hotel

Full Meal (excluding beverages) about 30,- Euro /day

Local Organizing Committee: Chairman: F. Hindak,

Members: A. Hindakova, M. Horecka, L. Kovacik, J. Makovinska, E. Stefkova, L. Tothova, D. Vlcek, A. Kubinska

Symposium Secretariat:

Assist. Prof. Dr. Frantisek HINDAK, DrSc.

Institute of Botany SAS Dubravska cesta 14 SK-84223 Bratislava, Slovakia

Tel.: +421 2 59412505

Fax: +421 2 54771948

e-mail: botuhind@savba.savba.sk

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