"Flowers: Diversity, Development and Evolution"

July 5-7, 2002

Institute of Systematic Botany,

The University of Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland

Conference Overview:

An international conference entitled "Flowers: diversity, development and evolution" will be held at the Institute of Systematic Botany, University of Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland, 5-7 July 2002. The conference will focus on the structure of flowers, placing them in context with their evolutionary origin, function, development and genetic control.

Invited speakers:

Key researchers have been invited to speak, and we are very pleased to have positive responses from Spencer Barrett, David Baum, Peter Crane, Pamela Diggle, Michael Donoghue, James Doyle, Peter Endress, Claudia Erbar, William Friedman, Else Marie Friis, Pat Herendeen, Larry Hufford, Joachim Kadereit, Elena Kramer, Peter Leins, Susanne Renner, Louis Ronse DeCraene, Paula Rudall, Doug Soltis, Pam Soltis, Dennis Stevenson, Shirley Tucker and Stefan Vogel.

Contributed Papers and Posters:

There will also be sessions for contributed papers and posters during the conference.


Persons wishing to receive the second circular, which will include the Registration Form, should complete the Expression of Interest form attached to this email, and also available at our website (www.systbot.unizh.ch/flowers). Completed forms should be sent to Ms. C. Burlet either by email (burlet@systbot.unizh.ch), electronically via the website, by regular post (Institute of Systematic Botany, University of Zurich, Zollikerstrasse 107, CH- 8008, Zurich, Switzerland) or by fax (00 41 1 634 8403).

We estimate the Registration Fee to be CHF 80 (~ USD 46, ~ Euro 53) for regular participants and CHF 40 (~ USD 23, ~ Euro 27) for students. Registration will include the conference program, proceedings and addresses, plus morning and afternoon teas.

Housing & Events:

A list of recommended accommodation is available at our website (www.systbot.unizh.ch/flowers). Participants are advised to book early, as July is peak tourist season in Zurich, and often the less expensive hotels are limited.

A conference dinner will be held on Saturday 6th July. Participants wishing to attend this dinner will be required to pay an additional CHF 70 (~ USD 41, ~ Euro 46).

Following the conference, an alpine field excursion has been planned for 8-9 July, 2002. Information regarding this excursion, including the location and costs, will be detailed in the second circular.

Expression of Interest:

Flowers: diversity, development and evolution 5-7 July, 2002 Institute of Systematic Botany, The University of Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland

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