Instruction to authors

Authors are asked to follow the instruction to authors published in the Journal "Phytopathology" (1995, vol.85. No.l, pp.7-10) before submission a manuscript. Here is its concise translation into Russian together with the details required by this journal and those are different from "Phytopathology". Authors are urged to read very carefully all paragraphs of the instruction following below to save much unnecessary work and avoid delay in publication. Editors will not carry out re-writing of a carelessly prepared manuscripts.

Common requests

Papers should be in English. Manuscripts must be clear and concise. Two copies of a manuscript are directed to any member of the Editorial Board. As an exception, papers from Russian speaking authors can be submitted in Russian followed by a consequent translation into English. English-written manuscripts from Russian speakers must be accompanied by a copy of the original version in Russian to make easier translation editor work. A diskette (3.5 or? mm) with a file of the paper using Word RTF or Lexicon editors together with the typescript should be provided. Authors of published papers will receive a free supply of reprints of their papers together with given diskettes. ( Diskettes will be returned to authors together with reprints of their papers.)

Authors can arrange to have a manuscript (are permitted to submit a manuscript) reviewed by well known specialist, however, the Editor reserves the right a manuscript to be reviewed additionally (to send a manuscript for additional reference).

There is no page charge for publication. (All publications are free of charge). However, color illustrations can be printed but only at the authors' expense (10 $ per item). (However, color illustration can be submitted provided that the printing cost will be covered by the authors.

Formal requirements

Section headings are unnecessary.

Main headings and subheadings should appear in the text as in "Phytopathology". A covering letter which contains the name and address including fax number and E-mail code (if available) of the author designated to receive correspondence should be given. (A covering letter which contains the names and addresses of authors including fax numbers and E-mail address (if available) should be given for correspondence.

Abstracts are submitted both in English and Russian (for Russian-speaking authors).

Text. While preparing a manuscript, please follow the instruction to authors required by "Phytopathology" taking account of the following exceptions:

  1. references in the text should appear not in numbers, but by authors and year of publication;
  2. the reference list is to be given (listed) in alphabetical order of authors' names unnumbered.