Volume 1, No.4, 1999


N.V. Kondratyeva.
Urgent Tasks of Algosozological Investigation.
O.M. Kozhova, L.A. Izhboldina, and I.K. Bokova.
Ecology of Didymosphenia geminata (Lyngb.) M. Schmidt (Bacillariophyta) in Lake Baikal (Russia).
E.A. Titlyanov, I.I. Cherbadgy, and D.J. Chapman.
A Review of the Biology, Productivity and Economic Potential of the Agar-Containing Red Alga, Ahnfeltia tobuchiensis (Kanno et Matsub.) Makijenko, in the Seas of the Far East of Russia.
T.F. Shevchenko.
Communities of Periphytic Algae in the Sections of Release of Heated Water Into the Cooling Ponds of Thermal and Nuclear Power Plants of Ukraine.
T.V. Dogadina, O.S. Gorbulin, and T.G. Onis'ko.
Species Composition and Seasonal Dynamics of Algae in the Tashlyk Reservoir (South-Ukrainian NPP Cooling Pond).
E.N. Demchenko
A New Species of the Genus Chlorococcum Menegh. emend. Starr (Chlorophyta, Chlorococcaceae).
N.P. Masyuk, S.P. Wasser, and M. Weinstein-Evron.
Nephrodiella nana Ettl (Xanthophyceae) - A New Species for Asia Found in Israel.
Wan Maznah and Mashhor Mansor
Benthic Diatoms in the Pinang River (Malaysia) and its Tributaries With Emphasis on Species Diversity and Water Quality.
Ahmed A. Issa and R. Abdel-Basset.
The Toxicity of Phenolic Compounds on Anabaena cylindrica Lemm. and Nostoc muscorum Ag. in Chemostat Experiments.