Volume 1, No. 3, 1999


S.P. Wasser, V.V. Stupina, and P.M. Tsarenko
Radioecological Studies on Algae.
B.-E. Diannelidis and S.G. Delivopoulos
Ultrastructural Effects of Heavy Metals on the Epidermal Cells of Dilophus spiralis (Mont.) Hamel (Dictyotales, Phaeophyta).
A.I. Bozhkov and N.G. Menzyzanova
Growth Dynamics, Lipid Composition, and b-carotene Content in Cells of Dunaliella viridis Teod. Under Cultivation in Different Types of Photobioreactors.
O.P. Oksiyuk, O.A. Davydov, and G.V. Melenchuk
Quantitative and Production Indices of Phytoplankton as Characteristics of Aquatic Ecosystem Status.
T.A. Safonova and E.Yu. Mitrofanova
Materials to Study Species Composition of Algae of Teletsky Lake (Altai Mountains, Russia).
A.A. Levanets
Soil Algae of "Mykhailivska Tsilyna" (Branch of the Ukrainian Steppe Natural Reserve).
N.P. Massjuk, G.G. Lilitskaya, S.P. Wasser, and E. Nevo
Green Flagellate Algae of Continental Water Bodies of Israel.
I.Yu. Kostikov
New Species of Xanthophyta from the Soils of the Lazovsky Reserve (Russian Far East).
O.N. Selivanova and G.G. Zhigadlova
New and Rare Macrophyte Species of Algae of the Commander Islands Shelf (Russian Far East).
A.A. Gontcharov
Taxa of Chlorophyta New for the Primorsky Region (Russian Far East).
V.K. Orleansky and E.A. Raaben
A Living Laboratory Model - An Analogue of Passive-Branching Columnar Stromatolites.
A.P. Olshtynskaya
The Main Stages of Evolutionary Development of Bacillariophyta in the Cenozoic Basins of Ukraine .