Volume 1, No. 2, 1999


P.M. Tsarenko, G.M. Palamar-Mordvintseva, and S.P. Wasser
Diversity of Algae in Ukraine.
A.I. Sakevich
Algal Metabolism as a Factor of Ammonium Nitrogen Detoxication of Water Bodies.
V.V. Shalar
Species Composition and Distribution of Soil Algae in the Forests of the Moldova Republic.
N.V. Kondratyeva and O.A. Kislova
Species Composition and Frequency of Cyanophyta in Soil Samples After Long-Term Storage in an Air-Dried State.
L.A. Rundina
Zygnematales of North Ossetia (Russia, North Caucasus).
H. Hisoriev, S.P. Wasser, E. Nevo, and V.V. Stupina
Addition to the Flora of Euglenophyta of Israel.
O.N. Vinogradova
Species Composition and Distribution of Cyanophyta in Water Bodies of the Mountain Crimea (Ukraine).
L.Ya. Saidakovsky
Permian and Triassic Charophyta of the Globe.
O.K. Voronova
Are Unicellular Algae a Potential Source of Antitumor Carbohydrates?.
L.A. Sirenko and T.F. Shevchenko
Algal Contamination of Industrial Cultures of Spirulina Turp., and Some Difficulties in Their Identificatino.
O.V. Kovalenko, Nguen Van Hoa, and O.A. Belikova
Representatives of Cyanophyta New for Vietnam.