Volume 1, No. 1, 1999


Solomon P. Wasser
From the Editor-in-Chief.
N.P. Masyuk
Cyanelles and Taxonomic Status of Cyanomes.
P.M. Tsarenko and E. Hegewald
Variability of Scenedesmus intermedius Chod. (Chlorococcales, Chlorophyta) in Culture.
T.F. Shevchenko and V.G. Klenus
Periphyton Algae in the Cooling Pond of the Chernobyl NPS (8 Years After the Accident).
E.V. Kozhenkova and B.V. Gromov
A Biologically Active Compound from the Blue-Green Alga Calothrix intricata Fritsch CALU 908.
G.M. Palamar-Mordvintseva, S.P. Wasser, and E. Nevo
On the Flora of Zygnematales (Conjugatophyceae) of Israel.
E.I. Shnyukova
Membrane Regulation of Amylases and Phosphorylase of Algae.
V.F. Rudic, S.V. Gramma, and A.P. Gulya
Influence of Coordination Metal Compounds on Productivity and Biochemical Composition of Dunaliella salina Teod.
D. Temniskova-Topalova, V. Petrova-Karadzhova, and M. Valeva
Taxonomic Composition of Benthic Bacillariophyta Algae of the Bulgarian Part of the Black Sea Shelf.
A.S. Andreyeva-Grigorovich and N.A. Savitskaya
Morphology and Stratigraphic Distribution of the Fossil Genus Deflandrea Eis. (Dinophyta).
N.V. Kondratyeva
Modern Approaches to Developing the Taxonomy of Blue-Green Algae (Cyanophyta).
L.A. Sirenko, Yu.A. Kirpenko, and N.I. Kirpenko
Influence of Metabolites of Certain Algae on Human and Animal Cell Cultures.