Plant Physiology Department


The Plant Physiology Department is one of the oldest in the Moscow University (founded in 1863). The head of the Department is Prof. Igor Pavlovich Ermakov. The Department provides both educational and scientific programs.

The Professors of the Dpt. give lectures on general plant physiology, supported with practical study and seminars for the third year students. Photosynthesis, plant respiration, nitrogen and secondary metabolism, mineral nutrition, water relations in plants, cell structure, hormonal and photoregulation of growth and development, plant resistance are the traditional items of the general course.

The students, specializing in the field of plant physiology, attend the advanced programm. It consists of practical study on functional plant anatomy, electron microscopy (Prof. I.P.Ermakov), biotechtology and plant tissue culture (Prof. R.G.Butenko), plant growth and development (Assoc. Prof. L.G.Kosulina), photosynthesis (Prof. A.T.Mokronosov and Assoc. Prof. V.F.Gavrilenko), plant oxidative metabolism (Assoc. Prof. M.I.Tukeeva), mineral nutrition and nitrogen methabolism (Prof. N.D.Alekhina), methods of spectroscopy (Prof. F.F.Litvin).

Usually the practice is followed by theoretical lectures.

Besides that the specialized programm contains courses of plant resistance (Assoc. Prof. L.G.Kosulina), plant secondary methabolism (Prof. A.M.Nosov), molecular genetics of plant development (Dr. V.V.Choob), molecular aspects of hormonal regulation (Prof. O.N.Kulaeva).

During the fifth year students provide individual practical work presented for diploma to the State Examination Commettee.

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