Botanical Gardens of Moscow State University

The Botanical Gardens of the M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University is one of the oldest botanical institutions of our country (founded in 1706). It is widely known for its scientific and educational activities. During construction of the MSU new premises at the Lenin (now Vorobyovy) Hills, a new University garden was laid out. More that 6000 plant species, varieties and cultivars were planted in a territory of 40 ha.

Much research is under way at the Gardens, its collection providing a practical and training base for the Department of Biology of the Moscow University, and other higher education institutions in Moscow. Besides scientists and students, general visitors also enjoy excursion tours of this remarkable island of live nature, introducing them to a diverse world of plants.

The departments of the Gardens at the Vorobyovy Hills (arboretum, plot of mountain plants, taxonomic collection, plots of useful plants, ornamental plants, orchard) demonstrate their plant diversity to the visitors and show human activities in the field of applied botany.

The arboretum has a collection of species and forms of trees and shrubs running to over 1000. Also widely represented are wild herbaceous plants from a variety of areas on the globe. A wealth of experience in parkland development has been gained by specialists at the arboretum.

The plot of mountain plants was constructed on a geographic basic and contains more than 1000 species of alpine and subalpine plants from the Carpathians, Crimea, Caucasus, middle Asia and Far East.

The taxonomic collection give an idea of plant system as a whole as well as of the evolutionary pathways of the main family groups. In the collection there are more than 500 plant species belonging to one hundred families.

The plot of useful plants comprises more than 500 species, varieties and kinds of natural frora utilized by mankind.

Ornamental plants are displayed at the rosary and plots of ornamental perennials. The best foreign and Russian roses, paeonias, tulips etc. are shown there.

The best Russian and foreign fruit plants which were partly bred out by the Gardens's staff, grow in the orchard.

Tropical and subtropical plants can be seen at the hothouses of the Gardens' Affiliate (at 26 Mira Prospect). These hothouses are located at the exact place of the "chemists' garden" laid out in 1706 by Peter the Great. The Moscow University acquired its ownership over the garden in 1805. With the building of the new premises for the Moscow State University and the laying out of new Garden, the former Botanical Gardens, a historical and cultural monument of Moscow, became its branch. The hothouse collections go back to the late 18th century and are of great scientific value.